Tips For a Successful First Date

Tips For A Successful First Date

Almost all of us are probably searching for the special someone that we can spend our lives with. However, if we are completely honest with ourselves, many of us find that our “first date” experiences are nerve-wracking and cause us all sorts of anxiety; there is a reason behind that. That being said, it is not impossible to keep this from happening.

We are here to lend you a hand. Here are five tips that have been proven to bring about a successful first date:

1. Never bring up an Ex:

It is important to remember that a first date is much like a new beginning. What this means is that having a throwback and reminiscing about the past is unnecessary, regardless of how positive or negative it may be. Even though many people do use the ex-talk a lot on first dates due to how easy it is, and usually both parties will have had that “terrible ex.”

Keep in mind that your goal is not to have history repeat itself; this can be avoided if you do not unload these issues on your first date. First dates are meant to be enjoyable, light and fluffy. Not a session dedicated to dramatic ranting.

2. Avoid the Booze:

Usually, most first dates take place at bars or during happy hours so as to provide a relaxed atmosphere. That being said it is definitely not a good idea to get drunk as this will probably ruin your chances of having anything to do with the person that you are interested in. If it is something you can’t help, having a cocktail or two is perfectly normal, however, keep it at that. First impressions are lasting impressions; you want to make a good one.

Other than that, the last thing you want is to be the memory of that date that got plastered during the first date. This is why it is best to avoid going on a drinking spree!

3. A Date is not an Interview:

You are on a first date because you are searching for a new love interest; you are not interviewing a potential business partner. It is completely normal to ask questions; however, you also have to let your date get to know you. We tend to overwhelm our dates with endless questions. It is important not to treat your date as a job interview; it should be meant as something meaningful. Sure ask questions; however allow her to do the same.



4. Engage Your Date:

Don’t just sit there ticking off points on your “things I am looking for in a girl” checklist. Remember that eye contact is crucial, especially if you are genuinely interested in your date, nothing beats looking them in the eyes.

5. Dress to Impress and Do Not Be Stingy:

As mentioned above, first impressions tend to last. This is why dressing appropriately for a first date is very important. Make sure that you iron your shirt and that it is properly tucked in and, do not wear shorts. When it comes to restaurants, find a fancy one that will fit within your budget. Make sure that you inquire if they have a dress code, this way you know how you should dress for this date.

Keep in mind that no one fancies a cheapskate, so when in front of your date; never complain about the prices, that is a definite turn off. This is why it is important to look for a restaurant that is good yet affordable.

We wish you the very best of luck on your first date.

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