Why Do Men Pull Away When They Are Falling In Love

Why Men Pull Away

Do you ever wonder why men pull away just when they are falling in love with a person? This is an aspect of romance with a man that drives many women crazy, and to be perfectly frank, many men actually stun themselves with this aspect of their behavior. It is not something that all men do, but it does happen so much that many members of the masculine gender are rather stereotyped by such behavior. Backing away from a romantic relationship just as it is getting serious is honestly something women do too, but not with the frequency that men do.

The reasons why a man might do this, of course, vary from person to person, so no individual circumstance should be labeled or assumed. However, there are common themes among men that do this. Insecurity, a desire for freedom, analysis paralysis, and sheer negative instinct are all four common scenarios that might cause a man to pull away from a loved one, right when things are going great.

In the first case, insecurity, a man might not feel ready to become open and vulnerable with someone. This can possibly be a personality flaw, but a lack of maturity and unhealed or repressed emotional wounds might also present themselves in the face of commitment scenarios. Faced with the possibility of dealing with older, painful issues, many men choose to withdraw partially or even fully from a relationship. Having said that, their intentions might actually be well-meaning here, especially if they know their baggage might lead them to be abusive or hurtful to their romantic partner.

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In terms of the second situation, maintaining a desire for freedom, a man might be faced with competing desires. On the one hand, he might truly love a person and want to be with them, but he might also want to remain uncommitted so that he can have fun with other women, or at least be close to the point of being able to do so. The conflict between these two urges can tug at a man to the point of playing it ‘safe’ and backing away a bit.

Analysis paralysis is a third situation that afflicts many men when falling in love or dealing with anything new. Men like to feel like they are at least in control of themselves, even if they are not in control of their lives. So, when their heart makes a leap that their head has not gone through yet, they can be out of sorts for a while until their mind catches up with their emotional state. While thoroughly frustrating for the romantic partner, it is best just to wait them out and hope they come around.

In the last case, a man might actually fall in love with a woman or romantic partner but also just know at an instinctual level that it would never work out or be ideal. These can be very tough cases for both individuals, but if a man is convinced the relationship has no good future, he’ll back away from it before it ever goes anywhere in the first place.

Again, there can be many reasons other than these four cases why men would pull away right when falling in love with someone, and unless you can actually get in their head, it’s almost impossible to know what someone you know is going through unless you talk to them yourself about it.

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